What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy focuses on restoration of body movement when affected with injury, disability or a form of illness. Pain is also a critical element that physiotherapists help patients relieve and prevent possible infections. Besides body exercise and movement, the health practitioners also use education, manual therapy as well as advice on different patients depending on the case. The process helps affected individuals to go about their daily duties without necessarily depending on other people. While the professionals focus on recovery and restoration of normal body functioning, independence of patients is also top on their agenda.

Services in Warwick

Warwick physiotherapists focus on creating awareness and involving a patient in their own body care. The health practitioners achieve this by educating individual patients on content relating to their respective cases. Patients are not only empowered but also given a chance to actively participate in the process. Physiotherapy in Warwick is well established. The experts in the town treat a variety of issues relating to body joints as well as lumbar stenosis and headaches.

Hip Arthritis

Physiotherapy in Warwick specializes on the hip, which is a common area of concern. Considering the hip as one of the largest joints in a human body, treatment of the same requires specialty and utmost care. While the hip can be considered like any other ball and socket joint, it is deep and very stable. The joints are held together by powerful muscles and ligaments that enable running and walking. Regular use of the joint by keeping it in motion helps in maintaining health of the articular cartilage.

Causes and Treatment of Hip Arthritis

However, the articular cartilages may degenerate over time due to over use of injury. Such conditions lead to softening of the cartilage which may wear out in severe cases thus bone to bone contact. At this point, an individual experiences pain on the groin, hip, or thigh that often leads to limping. Experts refer to such a condition as hip arthritis that can be treated through exercise, painkillers, and hip replacement in extreme cases.